South Africa

SUPPORT FOCUS: Education & Awareness Through the Rock ‘N’ Ride for Rhino initiative in 2012 & 2013, over 25,000 learners were addressed by IAPF and the RNR4R team. Presentations covered conservation, the environmental struggle, the plight of the rhino and the hard work of rangers on the front-lines. Using Dave’s Superbike background and Damien’s military background, the presentations also incorporated music and became a platform to reach out to learners from a different angle. Helping the upcoming generation to understand the environmental plight we are all facing and the individual responsibility we must acknowledge is an ongoing challenge. We all must try to understand that each action we choose to take has consequences, and it is these consequences as a whole, which are generating so much strain on Mother Nature and the world in which we live. “Will we be the generation that defines our failure as a species? Our generation will be judged by our moral courage to protect what’s right, and every worthwhile action will require a level of sacrifice.” Damien Mander (IAPF-CEO) has spoken with a similar message at TEDx at the Sydney Operah House, the UN Great Apes Survival Partnership Summit in the USA and to The Presidential Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking at the Department of Interior in Washington DC. Over $50,000 was raised for conservation efforts which is being invested in the protection of South Africa’s biodiversity.
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