June 18, 2019

Our LEADRanger program re-builds management skills in the conservation industry by developing anti-poaching instructors and leaders who take the skills back to their home region and train others. This “Train the Trainer” program provides unique experiences and “tools” for conservation law enforcement entities to share across a growing number of countries.

Recently, our LEADRanger Director of Operations Boris Vos led a course in the use-of-force continuum called Ranger Defensive Tactics.

The rangers learned about the levels of resistance (psychological intimidation, verbal non-compliance, passive and active resistance, active aggression, and aggravated active aggression) and the levels of control (ranger presence, verbal direction, empty hand techniques, intermediate weapons, and lethal force). It’s a lot to think about!

Imagine you’re a ranger beginning an encounter with a suspect in a protected area…

You may be required to use force to affect an arrest. As your heart is pounding, you have to decide:

  • What is the level of suspect resistance: psychological intimidation, verbal non-compliance, passive or defensive resistance, active aggression, aggravated active aggression?
  • What level of control am I going to apply: ranger presence, verbal directions, empty hand control, intermediate weapons, and/or lethal force?
  • Have I eliminated all the reasonable lesser means of force? Is my applied force proportional to the level of resistance, and am I able to adjust my level of force as the suspect escalates and de-escalates, only applying force until I have reached my end goal, a successful arrest, all the while staying within all relevant laws applicable to the situation?

How quickly can you think on your feet?

Now imagine doing all of this in a split second as circumstances are changing and people are moving all around you. That’s why we practice.

If you’d like to support this “practicing” please visit our donation page. Please accept our gratitude!

LEAD Ranger is a collabourative initiative of IAPF – International Anti-Poaching Foundation – www.iapf.info, The Thin Green Line Foundation, and Ranger Campus Foundation. We empower the next generation of frontline conservation leaders.

Photos by Wilco van den Akker

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