September 27, 2018
It feels good to do the right thing. Defending wildlife is meaningful in-and-of itself. But being able to help, empower, and make life better for our fellow humans along the way takes things to a whole new level. IAPF’s rangers agree. For example, Kelly Chigumbura recently told the BBC, “When I manage to stop poachers, I feel accomplished, I want to spend my whole life here on this job, arresting poachers and protecting animals.” The strength and self-confidence ranger training gave Kelly has helped her in her personal life too…as you’ll read in the article. These strong character traits are admired by school-age girls, who increasingly see IAPF’s all-female Akashinga rangers as role models. “They also sometimes pay visits to local schools, Mander says, where they are ‘mobbed like rock stars’ and speak to classrooms about the importance of protecting wildlife.” These are just a few glimpses of a great article that came out today. We hope you’ll enjoy it. If you’re inspired by your reading to support our important work, you can give online right now by clicking here. You can read the full article here.
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