December 16, 2019

We are pleased to update you with information about several arrests made in recent weeks by the IAPF Akashinga (“The Brave Ones”) ranger unit. Akashinga is our innovative All-Female Conservation Model, a new way of conducting conservation work.

Four Elephant Tusks for Sale

On the night of 20 November 2019, our Akashinga team was contacted with information about two sets of elephant tusks being sold into the black market in Zimbabwe’s Lower Zambezi Valley.

The IAPF rangers teamed up with the Minerals Flora and Fauna Unit (MFFU) of the Zimbabwe Police for the operation in Magunje. A location for the buy was arranged.

Upon meeting the buyers, they were arrested, and four ivory tusks were recovered without incident. The two male suspects (aged 39 and 44) were taken into custody for processing.

IAPF is pleased to be part of another successful joint operation with the MFFU.

Elephant Tusk Sale Intercepted

In the evening of December 4th, two suspects were arrested when they attempted to sell one large elephant tusk.

We’re hopeful for a conviction in court, especially because one of the suspects has previous and outstanding cases.

Cyanide that Won’t Be Killing Wildlife

On December 5th, our team arrested one suspect who had cyanide, intending to exchange it for elephant ivory.

Thankfully, this cyanide will be safely destroyed so that it will not harm any wildlife.

Big or Small – Tusks are Precious

The Akashinga rangers arrested a suspect from Malawi who was trying to sell a few pieces of elephant ivory.

No matter how small, it was illegal for the suspect to possess the ivory, and our team is happy to confiscate the contraband and turn the suspect over to the authorities.

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